Admission 2017/2018


Admission to MACHAME HEALTH TRAINING INSTITUTE is officially opened. Applicants are required to download the application form below and fill it according to the instructions given.




65 thoughts on “Admission 2017/2018

        1. I downloaded the application form and filled it and submitted it to the college and I’ve paid the fee and I’ve the receipt so what next shall I do?

  1. i have already submitted my applications so what next because no any answer i have found in my email
    if you received my applicat

  2. It will be better to be notified earlier about selection because I applied only a single institute that is machame,, Sorry admin can you help me to known when selection will be published…..??

  3. What about those who have already complete a-level .
    What are requirements for them to study diploma in clinical medicine

  4. hello admin, i have tried to check the list of health institute for academic year 2017/2018 in nacte web shows that, the upgrading course ca to co has a durration of 1year in mhti which is so different from your applications form that instructed as DE, i have got confusion mr admin can you let me to know this…

  5. I have copied this from adm. requirements.Admission to the program will be open to candidates who have Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE), Certificate in Clinical medicine and should have work experience.
    My concern is: If I have CSEE, do I need also tohave additional qualification listed ie Certificate in clinical medicine and work experience. Kindly assist.

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am sorry for the earlier message sent! That was an oversight!
    My real problem is: Do you accept applications from direct Form 4 applicants or should have some form of training … NTA levle4/5 for example. I am a bit confused.

  7. I have confusef mr admin,i need upgradng from ca to c.o which is not DE,i need full time which is one year at your institute,,can you help me what to do please

    1. MHTI has been granted permission to run a course of D.E which is an upgrading course of CA to CO. At the moment we are working hard and we have written an official letter to ask for permission to run a 1 year course ca to co. This is a new program and if the permission will be granted we will start it.

  8. I nede to send my application. I have enquired if I can make more than one choice. Kindly reply ASAP to enable me send my application.

  9. Dear Madam/Sir,
    I have just sent my application documents. Kindly acknowledge receipt and completeness of the documents.

  10. when are the results admin…i have applied on mhti only and the dead line to admission in other uni is restless..kindly let us know when to expect the results..

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