Student Welfare

Students’ Welfare provides students with total education environment with an enjoyable campus living experience. The campus life provides conducive environment to students’ success. It provides variety of opportunities for academic, social, leadership, and recreational activities that facilitate personal development.

Health and wellness

College Health Services helps keep students healthy while they focus on their studies. At the college, the health and well-being of our students is promoted by the health care services and programs offered on campus by Machame Hospital within the same compound as the training centre.

Concerns Personal performance and Personal or family emergency

We can facilitate communication with academic advisors to determine the best option for our students, given a particular situation. In some cases, this may include helping student find appropriate resources (a tutor in a specific field, Services for Students with Disabilities, etc.

Recreational Activities

The MHTI campus recreational programs and activities foster the education and development of the mind, body and spirit of community members. It provides safe and quality recreational programs, facilities, and services to students and staff to encourage personal escalation. These programs and services include sports and games, special events